How do I get the captions from Aperture to appear correctly?

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    How do I get the captions from Aperture for Mac to appear in the caption field when importing media? They show up either as the ‘Title’ if the Aperture caption is only a few words, or in the ‘Description’ field for all other captions. Neither field displays in the blog so I always have to copy-paste all my captions, created in Aperture, to the ‘Caption’ field in WordPress. This is is tedious to say the least and should be entirely unnecessary if the fields were mapped correctly or the user could edit the field mapping. Aperture stores the caption in the ITPC Caption field so there should really be no excuse for this being incorrectly mapped.

    I am the only one seeing this bug?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



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    Can you reply with the Media Library URL (from your dashboard) of an image you’ve uploaded that was exported from Aperture? I’ll be happy to take a closer look at this.



    Here are two typical results…

    1. My caption turns up as the title:

    2. My caption becomes the description:

    I hope this is what you were looking for. If not please let me know.



    That was definitely it. I’ve reported this to our developers to take a closer look as to why the caption-abstract field for the second image isn’t being copied to the title field in Media Library, and I’ll follow up here as soon I hear back.

    Thanks for your patience, Brian! :-)



    Glad these links were useful.

    The problem here is that both of them have the caption in the wrong fields. The caption from the IPTC metadata should go into the WordPress caption field so it will be displayed under the image when inserted into a blog. It should never go into the title field and is not useful when it is in the description field.

    Just to be clear, IPTC captions need to be in the caption field.

    Thanks, Brian.


    Thanks for the clarification. This is actually core functionality, so we’ll have to review this to see if it can get changed.



    IPTC captions are captions. Not titles, not descriptions. Wherever it falls in the WordPress system architecture the current implementation appears to be mistaken and in need of correction. The review should be very straightforward. I look forward to hearing more.

    Regards, Brian.



    Hi Bryan,

    How are we going on fixing captions?


    Hi Brian,

    I’ve just checked with our developers to see how we can proceed. I’m sorry for the delay.



    Was there any feedback from the developers in the week?


    Hi Brian,

    Yes. After evaluating the EXIF details you’ve given us with a couple of developers, we’ve found that the process for retrieving and displaying the image information will help explain why the metadata is a bit inconsistent.

    Here’s a brief description of how we retrieve the metadata for each image:

    1. The IPTC synopsis of the caption is used as title.
    2. If the IPTC caption exists, is more than 80 characters, and is different than the title, it is used as caption.

    Then, we move onto the EXIF info:

    3. If the EXIF Image Description exists, and it’s less than 80 characters, it’s used as title.
    4. If the EXIF Image Description is longer than 80 characters, it is used as caption.
    5. If the EXIF Computed User Comments exists, and are different than the title, they are used as caption.
    6. Finally, if comments are set, they’re used as caption.

    We’re seeing that your pictures have Caption and Caption Synopsis as the same value, thus they are used as title and not repeated as caption.




    I am not sure that the above process describes accurately what is happening. As a test, I uploaded another image from Aperture that had what Apple have labelled as a ‘Title’ and a ‘Caption’. This image is in the same post as used previously. In WordPress the Title did indeed display as the Title. But the Caption ended up as the Description. It is more than 80 characters so according to step #2 above it should have been the Caption.

    Secondly, you describe the treatment of metadata by WordPress as “a bit inconsistent”. Because you don’t seem to have offered a conclusion in your post, does that mean that this ‘inconsistent’ behaviour is accepted as state of the art by WordPress? Or are there initiatives to improve this aspect in the near future?

    Lastly, I am surprised that in the process described above that the EXIF data is effectively ranked higher than the IPTC data. I am not an expert on the topic but I did understand that generally speaking EXIF data is created by the image capturing device whereas IPTC data is created/managed by user controlled software, like Aperture, Lightroom, PhotoShop. Hence the IPTC data should have precedence. Additionally EXIF data is often damaged in the various processing steps from camera to publication and is thus less reliable.



    As a test, I uploaded another image from Aperture that had what Apple have labelled as a ‘Title’ and a ‘Caption’.

    Could you please link to that other image from your Media Library in this forum thread?



    Sorry for the break – I have been away travelling and ill at the same time, not a lot of fun.

    Here is the link…



    I’m sorry to hear that — it must’ve been rough, and I’m glad you’re back in action.

    Lovely photo! My wife and I love tuxedo cats. So precious. :-)

    I’ve pinged our developer with the link to your image. Thanks for following up with us.



    It has been a long time since I have had an update on this thread.

    I have used the new media interface for two weeks now and it seems much better than the old version. However, the captions for all my uploads is still not in the caption field. It is in the description field. This is a real pain.

    If the logic is too convoluted to put the caption text into the caption field straight off then why not code, ‘if the caption field is empty but the description field is not empty then copy the contents of the description field to the caption field’?? Job done.




    Hi there,
    I tagged this thread for Bryan. If you subscribe to the thread you will be notified when he replies.



    Thanks. I am already following. Bryan always gets back to me when I ping in a message but I guess he has not had a reply from the developer(s).

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