How do I get the Dashboard to show on my screen properly?

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    Half my widgets page is missing from the screen but the problem is intermittent. Sometimes I can get it to display properly by clicking on another page and then going back to it.
    Sometimes I can’t see the text formatting bar or the text when I go to create a new post. Again I am getting around it by clicking off the page to another page and hoping when I get back to the page, that the screen issues have resolved. It is time consuming and annoying, especially when I pay for this service.I never used to have any problem but now it is giving me issues every day.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    BTW I cleared the cache. I have third party cookies enabled. Not sure what else I can do.



    Please note that is a free service. Any payment you make are for upgrades to that service.

    You don’t say what browser you are using. Please see the troubleshooting tips here

    Since the release of Windows8 and IE10, support for IE8 has now been dropped by Microsoft and it is being dropped as well on the rest of the web. If you are using IE9, please make sure you are not using it in “compatibility mode” which makes it act like IE7. If needed, you may have to upgrade your browser, which you can do at

    Also, using https in the admin area may also help

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