How do I get the flickr widget?!

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    Hallo everyone, I was just wondering how I get the flickr widget onto my blog?



    Go to your “Presentation” Tab
    Than Click “Sidebar Widgets” below the presntation tab
    There will be a list of widgets there look for the “Flickr” widget and than drag it to your sidebar and configure it

    Hope this helps


    “Drag and drop the widget into your sidebar and configure it there. You’ll need to copy and paste the URL of your Flickr RSS feed into a text box but that’s explained with the help of a screenshot.”

    I’ve already dragged & dropped the widget…now what do I do?

    How do I configure it?
    How do I find the url of my Flickr RSS feed?
    What is the screenshot that explains cpoying the url of rss feed into text box?



    Go to Flickr
    Look at the bottom of the flickr page
    You will see the link for the RSS

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