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How do i get the most recent blog entry to display at the top of my blog?

  1. How do I get the most recent entry i write in my blog to appear as the first entry (at the top) when my blog is opened? After that, they would go in order that i wrote them. i haven't had this problem on blogs before, and i was wondering if there was a simple fix or and option in editing that i am missing.

  2. Can we have a link to your blog? It should automatically show as the first link.


  4. The blog is showing the most recent post first. I see the Greetings post which has a time stamp of 6/2, 5:02pm, the one below is Best of.. and it has a time stamp of 6/2, 2:29pm.

    Did you by any chance change the time stamp of the Greetings post?

  5. ah...that was it...i changed the time stamp to reflect my time zone (Eastern Standard) after i made the first post and before the second. that's why they're out of order. thank you.

  6. Glad to help! Happy blogging! And can you please mark this thread resolved?

  7. Oh - and if you would rather the Greetings post be first, just edit it and change the time stamp (to sometime prior to 2:29pm)

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