How Do I Get the Move Blog Contents to a Particular Menu Page

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    What did I do wrong? I have 2 blog entries that I want under the “SB Updates” menu. Instead I have the contents of the Welcome page on 2 menus: 1) under “Welcome” menu and 2) under the “SB Updates” menu. How do I get the blog entries under the SB Updates menu?

    The blog I need help with is



    Let’s see if I can make some sense of this.

    You have a site with a static front page and you wish to also include a blog. See the instructions on how to do this properly to set the Page you wish to be the “front” and the “blog” Page.

    Move the posts in the “blog” category to more appropriate categories such as “Beaver Habitat” or “Beaver Stories.” Delete the Blog category as it really serves no purpose for you with this layout.

    Using the custom menu feature in WordPress, arrange your Pages and categories as you wish on the main menu.

    The web standard order is Home, Blog, About, other stuff, and Contact as the last thing in the line.

    If you would like to place some Pages or a specific post under a menu item, drag it on the Custom Menu panel to indent it under the menu item.

    Pages set to be “child” Pages of Parent Pages automatically are placed under a menu item if the feature is set up accordingly. Otherwise, do it manually.

    Make sure you save the menu once you have it customized. Preview it and adjust it as needed.

    Good luck with the site.


    Thank you so much this was all very helpful.

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