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    wordpress? I have made other blogs on wordpress but I can only get to one of them?

    I am a beginner at wordpress sorry in advance if I ask too many questions.

    Thank you-




    Hello, baseballbabe… Do you mean that you have other blogs that are not hosted by WordPress, am I right?



    Hi BBB

    If you have more than one blog on wordpress. Log in with your ID >>> Point your mouse to the Dashborad and it will show you a list of all the blogs you own >>> click the one you want to edit etc.

    Alternatively once you log in, there is a box (right side of the page) that lists all the blogs you have on WP. Click the one you want to.

    Hope this helps.




    Just to clarify, you get that listing if you log in at the page. It will show you a listing at the upper right.

    If you log in at one of your blogs, just view any page of your blog and point your mouse towards the upper left of the screen at teh blue bar along the top. You should get a drop down showing which blogs you have access to.

    Hope this helps,

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