How do I get traffic? New Blogger!

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    Sorry this question must come up a lot, but are there any ways to increase traffic – aside from forums? I’ve tried that but doesn’t seem to help much?? I want to write for a living, and would really like to know if i’m good enough or not. I know people here will be honest as they have nothing to lose! So please HELP ME!!

    The blog I need help with is



    There are many good suggestions here:

    Basically it comes down to: post something people want to read every day and don’t stop.


    One way s to advertise on other websites. =)

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    Have you told anyone about your blog?



    In blogging content is king and marketing is queen. If you write high quality original content and promote it then the result may be an increase in organic traffic, or not. If it’s not easy to locate your content in search engines then there will be no increase in new traffic. Thus, what determines success is two things:

    * whether or not your content is found, and
    * whether or not the readers who do find it become subscribers.

    It’s important to invest time into finding the correct niche for your blog and formulating your goals. It’s likewise just as important to examine your blog in terms of growth models.

    In the final analysis, all bloggers need to focus on creating relationships with other bloggers by leaving meaningful comments on their blogs, and by encouraging “organic” traffic that translates into a faithful blog readership for your own blog by responding to the comments you get.
    Twenty five steps to increase blog traffic



    Seems if one wants to write for a living, they should first live to write… Just follow the great insight that those posting before me have offered as far as networking, and remember to just keep writing. Regardless of the feedback that you may, or may not get in the comment department, keep writing about what interest you…and in the same spirit.

    As a website owner at another web-host, for three times the year that I have posted here, one thing that I can tell you about, is, you WILL get traffic here.
    Just keep writing, and watch stats… View All is important…to see that you are getting google, and search engine traffic. Have a good one..I’ll see you on the blog.



    #1 Write good posts which will interest the readers
    #2 use social networking websites[i got most readers from stumble-upon]
    #3 try to get hundreds of visits from users[There are many ways]
    #4 Search engines
    #5[you can get hundreds of visitors from there monthly very easily.

    #6 ask your friends to visit
    #7 there are hundreds of ways just you have to find it and you will progress fastly or slowly

    MY BLOG IS ALSO NEW,NOT EVEN ONE WEEK AND IT GOT 75+ HITS[IT’S VERY EASY TO GET]…AT FIRST,IT’S VERY GOOD PROGRESS AND THEN………..i’ll write a post on this topic……and another thing–>blog daily and give at least 1/2 hour to it everyday…



    @oohilovehattiesview This is good sound advice from everyone, another thing we all need to do, myself included, is be patient when looking for an increase in traffic, I would however pay particularly close attention to what Timethief offers in the way of advice, she has prolific knowledge in all matters off blogging, and wordpress.COM more specifically.Best of Luck!



    Link it to your twitter/facebook account.

    But my honest opinion is just to let it flow…write what you like to write and if people are coming to read it..that’s good, if NOT it’s still good. Blogging is about beeing yourself.

    I have 3 blogs, 1 has a lot of vies, 1 has average of 1 view a day and the newest one hardly has view…but it does not matter…writing is fun



    Good advice! :)


    THANK YOU!!!! thanks so much for the advice everyone who has posted here! Has helped me a lot and am now going to spend the day working on i! thanks again, have a good weekend all! xx



    Searching this forum will produce many threads tips for increasing readership. Example >

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