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How do I get Typekit to work?

  1. I recently purchased an upgrade to Typekit "Custom Design" and followed the instructions of how to choose fonts, etc. However, when I click "fonts" on the welcome page it tells me I must click "publishing" on the page. The problem is that I can't sign in to, and when I try to register is brings up the purchase package page. Ergo, I'm being sent in circles.

    I seem to remember going through this with Typekmit previously, and in frustration I cancelled my subscription--never having used it.

    I am utterly frustrated with this package, and if I don't get it working shortly I'll never consider anotjher upgrade from it or WordPress again.

    Gerry Burnie
    Blog url:

  2. You can do all your font customizations using the Dashboard - you don't have to go to the TypeKit site. See here for detailed instructions about this:

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