How do I get updates from the blogs I've TRIED to subscribe to?

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    I used to be subscribed to The Radio Patriot and Lil Bytes — both blogs in . I was registered under this email. However when I tried to recover my password a few days ago, WordPress said it had never heard of me and so I am registering under this email again to receive email notices from these two blogs plus another one I have been invited to join from the owner of the blog, ofrubiesandpearls, owner is Tammy Neria. She sent me an invitation two days ago and I have had a terrible time being able to sign up for this blog. Your site is confusing and frustrating, but since Tammy is a personal friend, and the owner of Lil Bytes, Marianne Hartsfield is my niece, I would certainly like to keep up with these blogs. However, if this is not possible then by all means let me know and I will pass on to my friends and family that your site is worthless.



    And the URLs starting with http:// for all the blogs in question are ?


    By the way, I never unsubscribed from, so don’t understand why I was dropped. ;

    Please be aware that by subscribing you are exposing your email address to the owner of the website.

    These are the first two I subscribed to. I NEVER unsubscribed, so why did I have to reregister to get into and WHY can’t I get any of the information from any of the blogs??????



    I tagged this thread for a Staff follow-up. They will sort this with you. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.


    Thank you, timethief. I appreciate your help.



    You’re welcome.



    Hi @dotprince2001,

    We make a specific point of not allowing usernames to be re-used within our system for any reason, and each username has to be attached to an email address. It may be that you were receiving these emails at a different address, or you had the messages forwarding from an address to this one?

    In any case, now that you have this username set up, it is yours and will not be cancelled or removed from the system. As long as you maintain the password, you will always be able to log in and review the articles of those who you are following.


    Okay. So how do I start receiving emails from the other two blogs I have subscribed to? I PROMISE YOU, I have NEVER used ANY other email address for — it has ALWAYS been (email redacted). I lost my login information and thought retrieving it would be simple and WordPress says they have never heard of me, yet I have received emails from the Radio Patriot for years and from Lil Bytes for almost as long. I just don’t understand how it was I got dropped and couldn’t get back in. I had to re-register. I’m sorry if I seem to be being difficult, but I really DON’T understand how this happened.



    Heya @dotprince2001,

    You can be a subscriber to a blog without having a username. If you visit a site without being logged in and click the “Follow” button, you will be prompted to enter your email address to receive email updates from that blog. That way even people who don’t have accounts can follow their favorite blogs!

    Now that you do have an account, it works much the same way. You can go to whichever blogs you’d like and click the “Follow” button. If you’re logged in to the system, the follow button will appear in the upper-left hand corner of the screen. Once you follow each blog, they will appear in your Reader here:!/read/

    If you’d rather get email updates, you can configure your settings by going here:!/read/edit/


    Hi, amightywp! Thanks for your reply. Whatever happened, I’m signed up now, so I will let it go. I still say I DID sign up, but that was ages ago and so I won’t push the issue. I do follow three blogs on here now and may create one of my own soon. Sounds like fun to me! You were a big help and I do feel much better now. Thanks again.

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