How do I have a post on more than one page?

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    Hello guys, need some help and I can’t seem to find any information on the internet. I want to know about adding a post to more than one page.

    I will give an example.

    On a blog about food I will have a page where all recent posts are updated like most home pages but if there was a theme to a specific post like ‘Good food’, ‘Bad food’ or ‘Recipes’ I’d like to have these pages on the menu bar as well. For easy customer navigation.

    Currently I’ve resorted to having to copy the post as a page afterwards but obvious problems will come when I have more than one post on a ‘Bad’ or ‘Good’ food entry.

    I have categorised and tagged and they are sitting on the side bar and that is almost what I am after but it’s obviously not on the main menu.

    Hoping someone can help.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Put them on your navigation menu with a custom menu:



    Thanks 1tess! I ended up using the Oxygen theme and worked out how to get the secondary menu up using categories.

    This really helped with the sub categories. Cheers!


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    You are welcome.

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