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How do I have more than one blog?

  1. I'm sorry, I can't find the answer to this myself. I tried. Hard.

  2. While logged in, visit You should see a link labeled "Create another blog" on that page. :)

    Hope this helps,

  3. Thank you! I knew it would be something insanely easy. :) Now if I can just recover my self-esteem...


  4. drmike - wouldn't it be better to have a "new blog" link on the dashboard? That would be the most logical place for that link! I'm an experienced web user and I couldn't find out how to create a "new blog" for the life of me. It should be much easier and should be allowed from two or three different places. I don't think is the right place for it.

  5. Kakram - most people only want one blog. They're not like us greedy people who want 4!

    I agree that the link should be easily accessible. Perhaps you could put your idea through feedback for the powers that be to consider?


  6. cornell - thats a good idea. I'll do that. I use basecamp for managing projects online, and I've found that their layout works very well. To be honest, I really like wordpress, I think it rocks. There's very little I'd change. I'm well impressed with it.

  7. kakram, just for reference, please don't direct your questions to specific folks around here. We had a staff member get offended a few weeks ago because folks were doing that thinking I was a staff member. I'm just a volenteer around here and have no backend access.

    But to answer your question, I actually disagree but I can understand where you're coming from. I run my own WPMu install and have hundreds of blogs that were created my mistake or my using the demo account. I think it would just lead to more empty blogs. With it on the front page, you have to go there specifically to create a new blog.

  8. I have the same problem. Can't create another blog. I log in and click on create another blog. When I input my email address on the form it says "email address already used" ... duh! Any answers. Yes, it should be in the account window as an option.

  9. You shouldn't be asked for an email address if you already have a username. It sounds like you're getting redirected to the account registration page.

    Try this direct link:

    If that doesn't work, send an email to support[at] with all the details

  10. Thanks judyb12. That's exactly where it keeps taking me. Hmmmm?

  11. Just thought I'd let you know that by clearing browser history and temp files, logging out of WordPress, and starting from scratch, that I was able to go to "the create another blog" page with no problem.

  12. I would have to agree... I'm new to WordPress but have blogging accounts elsewhere. It took me almost 45 minutes + Googling to find out how create more than one blog in WordPress. I think, at the very least, such information should have been put in the FAQ.

  13. @tomaqv
    That's a good suggestion. I just did about four different searches and really didn't find anything. Why don't you contact support with that suggestion on monday morning when they open.

  14. I am sure there is an FAQ, but a couple searches and I couldn't find it ;) Let them know for sure!


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