How do I have multiple posts on one day, but only one email sent to followers?

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    I only want to send out email once to followers about new post, but want to have multiple new posts in a day?
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    That option is not available at you end of things. It’s your followers who control the frequency of receipt of your posts.

    Go here >!/read/edit/
    Get new posts by email



    edit: That option is not available at you at your end of things


    Say i send out 5 new posts one day a week (say Monday) and I want to send them all simultaneously, so if I set “get my new posts” to “weekly”, will I get 1 email once a week or will I still get 5 different emails of new posts (just once a week, though)? still confused….because I am only sending out 5 posts once a week…so it wouldn’t matter if i set it to “daily”…I would still get 5 email notices…correct?
    What would the correct setting be to get 1 email alerts for 5 new posts sent on the same day at the same time?



    Please understand that you cannot manipulate this in any way from your end of things. The way it’s set up is one notificationfor each and every post and the followers control when they receive the notifications.


    I understand, that yes, the followers control. I would like to communicate to my followers how they can control receiving emails about new posts.

    As a follower, now… changing my settings….can I control how many emails I get about new posts? Does “daily” mean…once a day I will receive 10 emails about 10 new posts? Or does “daily” mean 1 email about 10 new posts?



    I don’t have an answer for you as I use the Reader only for blog updates. I multitask from our business during the day and multitask while doing contracted work in the evenings. The last thing I need in my life is to increase my email load. Why don’t you subscribe using another throwaway email address and then you will know exactly what happens.


    I receive email notifications about some of the blogs I follow.

    Those I have set to “instantly” – I receive an email about each individual post. If they post ten in a day, even just seconds apart, I receive ten emails.

    Those I have set to “daily” – I receive one post a day, usually a couple of hours after midnight, and it shows all the posts they have submitted the prior day, whether one or fifty. Depending on the time of the posts and the time of the email, some show up on the post the following day.

    Those I have set to “weekly” – I receive one post a week, with all they have posted during the prior week, whether one post or fifty. It is in my email Monday morning, having been sent some time after midnight.

    I hope that helps!


    Awesome, thanks!



    Thumbs up! Thanks for posting that useful information. :)

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