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How do I hide a link under a picture?

  1. This about videos. Only a few is allowed here. But I want to fool the system, which I think can be done in a legal way.

    I have posted a screenshot from a video on my blog. The trick is to hide a link under the picture, so that the video will start, when the readers click the picture. Most of them won't even notice the hoax.

    But how do I hide a link under my picture?

    The screenshot:

    (How do I make links active in this forum?)

  2. Active links - Post the url as is. Don't do anything to it. I removed the bbcode and it worked. :)

    As to the link, it's just regular HTML like we discussed in this post.

    hope this helps,

  3. But that is for the sidebar? My video is for an ordinary post. I'm sorry, that I'm too ignorant to understand the answers I get. I am working on that, though. Working very hard even...

  4. That's standard HTML. It works everywhere. :)

  5. I guess that a PowerPoint presentation can be hidden under a picture as well. There is an other thread, where a blogger is asking about PowerPoint presentations on ones blog...

  6. Thank you - I will do my best...

  7. Preety much. Put the ppt in the 'a' link and use a standard image for the img portion of the link.

  8. I wish, I understood that... "Die Dummen Dänen" as they say in Germany...

  9. What is not clear to me is the order of the urls. First the url of ones blog. Then the name af the blog. I have a space in the blogname. Should I include that space? Veritas Universalis or veritasuniversalis? The I take the picture url? And then the name of the picture? But where do I put the video url?

  10. If you post the video and image URLs, I can show you a demo.

  11. Thank you:

    Blog url:
    Blog name: Veritas Universalis
    Picture url:
    Name of picture: Hillary_Clinton_video
    Video url:

  12. This is a gold thread. It should be sticky. "How to put all kinds of videos, PowerPoint presentations, slide shows and a lot of other things on your log without breaking the rules".

    There is a lot of treads about DailyMotion videos, Flickr and others.

    It is the tip of the day...

  13. <a href="" title="Hillary Clinton Video"><img src="" alt="Hillary Clinton Video" /></a>

    Tested here.

    One minor issue is if you'll note at the bottom left, you have the pause key shown. That normally means the video is playing. I would either change it to the play button of add some text saying "press picture to play video" or some sort.

    Hope this helps,

  14. Actually it is breaking the rules. You're sending the visitor to another site without stating that you're doing so. There's some accessability issues.

    Unless you want to state that you're going to send them elsewhere.

  15. You are an angel. Thank you so much!

  16. drmike, is that testblog open for all or is there some place else, one can use for testing?

  17. drmike wrote: Unless you want to state that you're going to send them elsewhere.

    Oh blast! I'd better write it on the blog then....

  18. nah, its just my test blog. Just create a second one if you want. I think Timethief has something like 2 dozen by now. :)

    If you want, you can also make test posts and mark them private. they're not visable to the outside visitor and you can still pull them up in your own browser if you're logged in.

  19. @drmike
    EH! What's this? Two flipping dozen. I go for lunch and you take liberties ... two dozen! ... sheesh ... it's not true.
    I used to have two private test blogs but I deleted all the contents of one yesterday and I intend to make it public. Soon everyone can read my opinions about the bastardization of the blogging world by the "want monster" inside those bloggers with dollar signs in their eyes and cash registers where their hearts ought to be, as well as rants on other associated subjects. ;)

  20. I am learning very fast in these threads. They are an exellent idea. Thank you again.

  21. That was troublesome. It did not work, when I copied drmikes work from this page. Then I copy/pasted it to a Microsoft Works document and without any editing at all I copy/pasted it from there to the blog. And then it worked. Unexplainable...

  22. gremlins ... ;)

  23. It's a very interesting and useful thing, though. Cool workaround.

  24. I sorry to bother you about this again, but I do it wrong now again and I don't know what the mistake is. I'm trying to hide this video:

    under this picture:

    and I use the same formula as written by dr.mike in this thread. But no luck. Is it necessary to type a new picture name? It just ads to the number of mistakes, an ignorant like me can make. Couldn't I have a standard name for all pictures instead?

    Would someone please be kind enough to write the correct video/picture url for me? I hope that I will be able to learn, if I see one more example. I still haven't understood the principle...

    Edit: sorry about the long url.

  25. It is impossible. I can't get it right.

    I am a bit sad, there is no response in this thread but that life. I will give it a few more minutes and then I'll just give up. I seems, there is no help today. Can't win them all as they say....

  26. Hi there,
    When we do not know the answer to the question posed we do not respond. This was the case for me and apparently for others too. Perhaps another blogger will respond. If they don't then you will have to send a feedback into staff. :)

  27. Thank you timethief. But I drop it. I wrote an ordinary link instead. Besides it was the wrong link. The right video is this one below in case other bloggers would like to see it. But just forget about fixing the problem. These things happen. :-D

  28. Whew! I'm glad you got it sorted. :)

  29. Arrrgh! I am not a clever student. I still can't make this work. Please help me find the error in this. I can't hide a link under a picture. It is a video link:

    <*a hr*ef="http://www.daily*" title="Holocaust Vi*deo"><img src="http://i16.tin*" alt="Holocaust Vi*deo" /><*/a>

    Stars made by my

  30. Well, we can embed dailymotion stuff now. There's a walkthru on the FAQ blog. I'd just do that.

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