How do I “hide” my blog from public view pre-launch while I am still building it

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    I do not want people to be able to see my site while it is still under construction and before I have finished all of the content that I need to have ready for launch.

    At the moment this happens by Googling my name and/or erroneously typing [“my company name”].com instead of, which is my current site (This new WordPress site is a “” one, not a .wordpress one).

    In the past, when I have been involved in creating new websites it has been normal that the public “can’t see” them (to use the strictly non-technical term!) …. I think this may be because they have had an obscure “coded” name while being built, which has then been transferred to the “real” name when everything is ready.

    Is something like this possible with WordPress? Or does WordPress have a way of allowing us to “hide” the site until we are ready to go live?

    It looks VERY unprofessional and is very embarrassing for people to see my site as a half-baked mess, while I am still building it…so I would really appreciate your help. Thanks.



    Dashboard -> Options -> Privacy
    Privacy Options
    Blog visibility:
    ___I would like my blog to appear in search engines like Google and Sphere, and in public listings around
    ___I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors
    ___I would like my blog to be visible only to users I choose

    Choose the last one and then click “Update Options”



    just keep it private. dashboard -> options -> privacy



    Thanks very much. Great that there’s such a simple solution.



    You’re welcome. :)

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