How do i hide my identiy from blog on search engines?

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    i need a little help. I need to hide my identity from the above blog and from another. My identity doesnt come up within the blog as a blog author, but in a google search it does. the above one displays as ‘journey of a special needs teacher (by Ryding2Health)

    how can i remove this?

    The blog I need help with is



    You can change your privacy settings by going to the Settings > Reading page from your blog’s Dashboard, and choosing the ‘I would like my blog to be visible only to users I choose’ option.


    i want the blog to be public to read, i just dont want there to be any connections to my identity.


    1. Make sure the email address associated with your account and blog is anonymous, make sure you never use it anywhere else.

    2. Make sure you never use ‘real names’ to describe anyone you know or associate with in real life on your blog.

    3. Never use your real name anywhere on your blog.

    4. Never post blog-posts to your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

    5. Google your name regularly to make sure you’re still anonymous.

    6. Change your name in the profile to something anonymous, so the “Author” will be ryding4health instead of your real name.

    7. Go through your entire WordPress / Gravatar accounts and make sure your real name is nowhere.



    Presumably “ryding2health” isn’t your legal name. A username will always be visible to Google. If you don’t want that blog associated with that username, you will have to get a NEW username and invite it to the blog and delete or edit your old posts.


    8. Immediately change your settings to “private” until Google’s cache clears (a few weeks, or whatever). Then go “public” with your newly anonymous blog.


    i tried changing everything and hiding the gravatar which now shows as anon, but it still says ‘by ‘ryding2health’

    how do i change my WordPress login name too?



    In addition to what johnnytesting and raincoaster have written, both excellent advice, even if you change your nickname (what appears on your site as the author) your username is what will always display in the forums.

    Follow these instructions to permanently change your username, but please proceed slowly and with caution, understanding all the warnings along the way. This process cannot be reverted and has a couple of landmines in it that cannot be undone.


    hello there,

    I have changed my nickname, and hiden my gravatar, but it still shows in a google search as by ‘ryding2health’

    Is there a way i can get rid of that without changing the entire login username?

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