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How do I hide tags?

  1. I don't see long lists of tags under the posts on other blogs, why do mine show? How do I hide them? It's getting too cluttered. And what are the implications, if any, of hiding my tags? Is there any reason others need to see them?

  2. All themes here at now display tags (if the blogger is using them) by default. The only way to remove or hide them is through the paid CSS upgrade, and in some themes, all the post data (date, title, categories, tags, authors) are controlled together which means if you hide tags, you hide everything else as well.

  3. By the way, since there isn't any official support for the CSS upgrade, and there are few here in the forums that have any experience, it isn't recommended unless you have some experience. In any case, use the CSS preview and try things out first before buying the upgrade.

  4. go in your dashboard to "design" -> "edit css" and put this code in the text field (delete everything else):

    .postmetadata {

    i'm using the chaoticsoul theme, i don't know how this code will work on another theme. but if the preview looks good, you can decide if it's worth the upgrade or not.

  5. @xanthippe, in the theme jetsetrnv84 is using, it isn't under postmetadata. Each theme is different. In regulus, it is under #content .info and also includes the post author and the comment link, both of which will also disappear if you do display none).

    #content .info {
    display: none;
  6. that's why i said i don't know how it will work ;)

  7. i'd like to hide my tags as well, and i tried both .postmetadata and #content .info. neither of them made a difference. any other ideas? i'm using the Ocean's Mist theme.

  8. Do you have the paid CSS upgrade? From looking at things, it does not appear like you do (if this is the blog you are talking about: ). You must have the paid CSS upgrade to hide the categories/tags.

    The CSS for each theme varies. In one it might be called postmetadata, in another #content .info, in another it may be .postinfo p, and in another meta, and in another post data.

  9. Hi I kind of have the same problem, I just removed all tags while those were the ones really attracting anybody to my blog. I just can't appreciate that it messes up the look. My theme: Black Letterhead by Ulysses Ronquillo. Could somebody help me out with the code I need?

  10. I guess I don't understand your question. You removed the tags. Do you want them back?

  11. Hi Vivian,

    Yes I removed them because I don't liked the look of it, but I'd like to have them back only hidden. So my question is, with my theme, what is the code to hide tags?

  12. *didn't like

  13. In looking at the CSS for the blog you have linked in your username, I don't see that you have custom CSS. How did you remove the tags? By not using them?

  14. I have a account. Not a one. I think I removes the tags by pressing the round x of every tag. Sorry that I responded this late.

  15. OK, so you are not using tags. The only way you can hide them is if you have the CSS upgrade. However, categories work exactly like tags as far as the global tag pages are concerned. So if you were getting hits from the tags, then use them as categories. That way, your blog will look the same as it does now.

  16. OK, thank you for the tip.

    The CSS upgrade only works with .org right?

  17. No, the CSS upgrade is for .COM (I used it to code my blog) But there is no official support for CSS and few folks here who know a lot about it. You can try before you buy by going into design>edit CSS. Whatever changes you make you can't save until you pay for the upgrade but the preview function allows you to see how it works. There's more information in this FAQ

    I don't know if the cost of the upgrade is worth it if you just want to hide the tags.

  18. I see. How much does an upgrade cost exactly?

  19. I think it's $15 per year (I noticed that wasn't in the FAQ, BTW) You can see it in your dashboard under Upgrades.

  20. I noticed, I didn't want to ask any more questions but I really couldn't find it. I will check that out and consider it or perhaps try something else, like your tip. Thank you very much Vivian you were really helpful to me. If this board had a reward system, I'd give you some karma! ;) Your post Male vs female, white vs black was very interesting btw, I enjoyed reading it.

  21. thanks! .postinfo p worked. but it got rid of comments, as well. i'll probably have to work on totally redoing things (as i learn more about css) to really get what i want. just don't have the time yet.

  22. Ok all you smartie-pantses... does anyone know the code to add (or remove) to make the tags and categories disappear from the Benevolence theme? I agree that they look really messy up there right under the post title.

    I wouldn't want to get rid of comments though... that wouldn't be good for the fracas blog.

    Mucho appreciation!

  23. In Benevolence, it's under .cite, but do be aware that .cite also controls the display of the date, so doing a display: none; for .cite will also remove the date.

    There is no workaround.

  24. @ocinotes
    That is one of the problems in many themes, and in this case, .postinfo p also controls the display of the comments link. There is no workaround since it would require a trip to the underlying theme PHP files to change.

    In one theme, and I cannot remember which, the metadata controls everything except for the body of the post, so changing it to display none takes away the post title, the author, the date, the comment link, tags and categories. You end up with just the body of the post left visible.

  25. @sick - glad to help! Gimme some of that karma - but I on;y want GOOD karma :) (And glad you liked my post.)

  26. Thanks for the answer. I'll have to think on that one. Is there nowhere else I could add the date function back in? LOL, I see you said no workaround, but I like to hope for miracles. ;-)

  27. You can type it in the first or last lines, or put up an image. Those are your options as far as I know.

  28. agree with you raincoaster

  29. I have Digg 3 theme and would like to hide my tags as well. Does anyone know the code for CSS?

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