how do i highlight the current page in the menu/top nav?

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    hello! i’m using the sandbox theme with the custom CSS upgrade and am figuring everything out as i go…
    i have hidden my page titles with this:

    .page h2 {

    and now that that’s done, i would like to highlight the current page in the menu/top navigation bar. is this possible? for example, when someone is visiting the “accommodations” page, how can i make it so that the “accommodations” item in the menu/top nav has a different background color/text color?

    i’m a complete beginner, any help is appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is



    This takes care of it (although of course you will want to change the color, or perhaps do your own styling such as bold text or a wider or solid border or something like that.

    .current_page_item a {

    One note, this might get wonky if you have drop down menus/child pages.



    excellent, thank you!


    You’re welcome.

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