how do i identify where visitors are coming from?

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    I had a blog that my Xhusband found and was passing around to his friends. I moved everything to a new blog, and made the settings private (password protected the blog) and restricted access to everyone but 2 of my close friends (who have no contact w/ him). However, i notice that when i post, my traffic usually hovers around 25-30 unique visitors, and they’re hitting more than just my most recent post. I’ve checked w/ my friends, and sometimes they haven’t even been to the blog that day. Is there a way to tell who these visitors are and where they’re coming from?



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    I didn’t specify which blog in my post on purpose.



    If you install a counter, e.g. from, you can see your visitors IP address, but usually that doesn’t tell you much, a) because IP addresses are dynamic and keep changing, and b) because they may be related to a totally different location than where the computer is, e.g. a different city.




    You will see IP adddress, unique sessions and visitors, which pages and posts are being clicked on. Lots of information.


    Ok. GoStats looks interesting, but i have no idea how to add the counter to my blog w/o editing the CSS, and to do that requires paying for the upgrade, which just isn’t feasible right now. Can you give me more instructions on how to do this?



    You add the counter code, HTML only, not Javascript, to a text widget in your sidebar.



    There are multiple third party visitor programs available for wordpress.COM blogs. They are all pure HTML as we cannot use javascript on wordpress.COM blogs. Some are real time stats programs and some aren’t. One does not have to edit the CSS to install them. Most are installed in text widgets.
    I have been reviewing the programs available to us and would like to suggest that you read the brief reviews, visit the sites and view demos before you make a choice. This post contains links to other reviews as well


    @husdal – thanks for the html vs. java distinction and where to put it. think i have it working now.

    @timethief – appreciate the additional links for research and will see if there’s another program that meets my needs better than gostats.



    Best wishes. :)

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