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How do I imbed audio player

  1. How do I imbed music player widget
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  2. I followed the instructions for embedding the music player and only the words "music player" appears, but no funtionality. I am not a designer or coder writer, so I am sure that I am missing some step somewhere. I need step by step hand-holding, I suppose. I would like to have a music player imbedded on the page, not just a song or 2 on each individual blog post. Is this possible?

  3. Richinmusic,

    You may want to checkout this audio player. It enables you to add music to your website within a minute or two. It looks cool, allows people who aren't designers to change the colors and there is no technical coding required.

    I hope this helps!

  4. @richinmusic - The directions for adding audio to your site can be found here though the instructions for creating a playlist is rather new.

    You can also use the widget to do this, although there it will be limited to your theme's sidebar.

    @mooremike - no plugins allowed on

  5. @richinmusic-My apologies, apparently the new playlist is only relevant if you've purchased a space upgrade so you can upload mp3s to your site.

  6. Thanks everyone. For one, I have purchased the upgrade and did figure out how to have music on a post, but I was looking to add the player widget..... but have since installed a wordpress site to the domain that I have had for over a year. So for now I have both a site and this blog site, which I assume will someday be joined into a super-site..... lol, internet domination. Thanks for for the info!!

  7. Hi! I've got a similar problem. Bought space upgrade to use audio player and wanted to embed it in the Oxygen theme side bar (right hand) . I've uploaded the files and followed the steps described (clicking 'none' and 'insert into post' etc), but so far only the title of the player displays. Is some other plugin/purchase needed to make it appear? Website is: (domain mapped onto WordPress blog). Thanks in advance for your help!

  8. @mutablematter - Have you tried the instructions for adding the new playlist widget to your sidebar?

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