How do I implement somthing like a slider bar or track bar?

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    Hey i was wondering if there was a plugin and if not someone here could explain how i would add a slider bar to my website. I want to make a service website where the slider can be used to input sizes and other values, which can then be used to give a price quote.

    Something like this

    but with a nice picture in the background.

    Thank you, guys




    A simple CSS-only slider might be possible, like this for example:

    But I’m not sure if it’s possible to create a custom form that contains that kind of range slider here on I personally haven’t seen the option before, but perhaps others here can help more.



    Or you could pick a theme that has this built in.


    Hi @harmandhillon, you can filter the themes in the Theme Showcase by features by clicking on the Find a Theme button at upper left. Here is a direct link to all themes offered here that have a Post Slider.

    As far as input to determine a price quote, I can’t think of any way to do that here at since it would require Javascript or other scripting language that is not allowed here at this time.

    You may want to consider self-hosting a WordPress site using the software from
    Suggested Hosting



    I *think* there might be a confusion here between slider==slideshow and slider==range input field.

    I believe the Post Slider feature linked by The Sacred Path is for slider==slideshow. Personally I haven’t seen a theme on that has a range input field feature.


    Thank you for the information guys, and hfzrhmn you are correct, i am looking for something like a slider==range input field. I am still not having much luck in finding a plugin or a theme that has this built in unfortunately.



    There is no FTP access to blogs and we bloggers cannot install any plugins so don’t waste your time looking for one.


    @harmandhillon, what you are wanting to do could be done with some custom programming on a self-hosted WordPress installation. If you want to check into that, you might take a look at to find a developer you can talk to about your needs.


    Thank you guys, I will go check out the self-hosted option.


    You are welcome.

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