How do I import an html file to my blog?

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    I need some help displaying a multi-page document. Up to this point, I’ve exported pages from XL to a pdf, opened the pdf in Photoshop and made JPGs or PNGs out of them, and imported them. All single pages, no problem. Now I want to display a long list from XL that turns into a 3-page pdf, but I don’t want the page breaks. In searching for an answer, maybe I’ve discovered a shortcut to all that I’ve been doing by saving my XL page as an HTML file, but I don’t know how to import the HTML file. Can you tell me how to do that?
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    WordPress conventional wisdom says that the excel generated html is not a thing of beauty and itis complicated by producing the html for a full page which would require editing out all the extraneous coding that creates. Check this out to see if it is helpful.



    You can load your document to Scribd and embed the Scribd (PDF) document in your Post or Page



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