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How do I import my Tumblr to WordPress?

  1. I've looked around quite a bit on the WordPress site and can't find an easy way to do it. Please help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I thought at one point there was a option to import from tumblr but I don't see an import tumblr option in the dashboard so I will modlook this thread to alert staff.

  3. Tumblr has broken the way we had previously done the import, so for now we have removed the importer.

    We'll have a new importer up, ready for Tumblr's new API, as soon as possible.

  4. Is there any way you could email me when the new importer is up?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

  5. Staff will not email you. However, you can subscribe to the RSS Feed in the sidebar of this thread and get the updates.

  6. Okay, thank you!

  7. You're welcome. :)

  8. The WP tumblr importer is not working. Is this still a problem for everyone?

  9. yes it is still a problem. I have not been told that a new importer is ready yet.

  10. This worked for me:

  11. Thanks ainak, the site you linked was most helpful! :)

  12. Hi there. We've switched the Tumblr importer over to the new API and relaunched, so you should be all set to import now. Just let us know if you encounter any problems with the import. Thanks!

  13. Could you provide a download link to the new plugin?

  14. Alas, the version departs a bit from the .org one, as they have to use different ways of logging into Tumblr. Work is underway on the .org version, but it's not quite ready yet. You'll have to stay tuned here for the release of that plugin. I'll see if there's anything I can do to help nudge a fix along.

  15. dllh, getting a "Page Not Found" on that link.

    In the mean time, I could probably just create a new, temporary blog just to import my posts from Tumblr, then do an export of the resulting blog, and import it into my hosted version, right?

  16. Whoops, two issues:

    1. I think the plugin listing may have been disabled since it's broken.
    2. I gave you the wrong link to begin with.

    Try keeping tabs on it here instead.

  17. Awesome - thanks!

  18. (I posted a separate thread on this, but thought it might get noticed better here.)

    Thanks for re-enabling the tumblr import. One problem I found running an import today is that tumblr 'Link' posts only seem to import the 'Title' and 'URL' elements. The optional tumblr 'Description' field isn't imported, which means those import items are missing any descriptive text.

    Same thing applies to import of 'Gallery' posts - the optional 'Caption' field is missing.

    Is that something that can be addressed?

  19. @ccmcgregor, thanks for the report. I've fired up a bug report internally, and we'll adjust the importer as soon as we're able (it may be a few days).

  20. I also noticed this bug. Thanks for mentioning it ccmcgregor!

  21. Great, thank you @dllh

  22. @dllh first, thanks a lot for trying to fix this. Is there any news yet on the tumblr importer for yet? I cannot find any info on (sorry for the impatience;-) thanks.

  23. @estherv alas, it's stalled. There are some issues with getting logged in properly to Tumblr to use the plugin. I've chatted with the original plugin maintainer about it, and he's had no luck. I'm hoping to find some time to see if I can lend a hand, but it's lower priority for the moment than some other things.

    As a stopgap, you could try importing into a blog, then exporting from there and importing to your .org.

  24. @dllh, thanks a lot for your swift reply! I will try to export it from .com info my .org. I guess I will find some documentation on how to do that :-) many thanks again and good luck.

  25. Once you've imported into .com via the Tools -> Import menu, just go to Tools -> Export. That'll generate a file that you can import into your .org blog via the Tools -> Import menu there. If you don't already have it, you'll need to install the WordPress importer (available here on your .org blog before importing there.

  26. @dllh I just tried that approach a couple weeks ago, and it worked well all but for attachments. Attachments did seem to get pulled into the import, but when I exported for my install, attachments didn't come along for the ride.

  27. @dllh - any luck getting the extra data with 'Link' and 'Gallery' posts imported? Just tried again this morning and it's still missing the additional fields on import. Thanks.

  28. @ccmcgregor not yet, alas. This thread is copied on the bug report, though, so there should be an update here when it lands. I'm sorry about the delay.

  29. @dllh no worries, thanks for the update.

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