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How do I import my Tumblr to WordPress?

  1. Thanks for the update.

  2. Caption and description data for photo and link type posts should import now. Thanks for your patience!

  3. @dllh - great, just tested it and it works fine. Many thanks!

  4. Great, thanks for following up!

    This fix will be in the new .org Tumblr importer too, by the way, which we're hoping will ship in the next couple of weeks.

  5. Howdy
    The updated plugin works great! The only issue I can tell is that images are made in to galleries when they post. This happens even if it's just a single there anyway to change that?
    Thanks for all of your hard work!

  6. Sorry, my comment wasn't very accurate. What I meant to say is that instead of embedding the full-size image, it displays a thumbnail. I click the image, and it takes me to the post (where the thumb is displayed) and then I click the image again and this time it shows the full thing. The old importer just replicated the original post with the original size of the image...Anyway, thanks for your help!

  7. Hi folks, my question is the same as @belowthewaste.

    Would love to not have each post come in as a gallery thumbnail -- any workaround?

  8. @belowthewaste, @rachaelrice I've just checked the older version of the .org Tumblr plugin, and it appears that it did use the gallery shortcode before the updated version was released, at least if the post format imported from Tumblr was a gallery format. So I'm not sure what difference has appeared here. At any rate, I think the core importer will probably continue to insert galleries unless there's a great demand for some change. It's written such that a plugin could alter the behavior too, if I recall correctly.

  9. @dllh before the update it copied the tumblr post exactly. for example: when single-image posts were imported the post would appear in wp as just the image at the same full size of the tumblr post, and the image links. Now when importing the image shown in the post is a thumbnail. when the thumbnail is clicked it links to the attachment page, and then click the picture again to view the full original size. I understand that this would be effective for actual galleries but for single image posts it's just messy and inefficient. I wasn't using a plugin before the update if that's what you are suggesting. Thanks for your help, at any rate

  10. @belowthewaste, what blog? I'm seeing only a Jetpack-enabled blog associated with your username for Do you have another here at

  11. So, that's a blog that necessarily requires that the plugin be installed (before or after the update -- the Tumblr importer is a plugin). It's possible that image handling has changed in the plugin since the update. For example, Tumblr now gives us the data in a different format, and we may have dropped the single-image case.

    The best way to report this is via the .org plugin support area here. As I'm one of the developers, I'll see the request, but it also won't be limited to me, and maybe a fix will land sooner. I can see your point regarding single image posts, and I'd like to look into it for the .org importer, but there are lots of other things prioritized above it right now. Still, please do report it over at the .org site. Thanks!

  12. Hi y'all,

    I'm new to wordpress, and I'm trying to figure everything out from reading through all of the training guides online etc.

    In any case, I managed to upload my tumblr blog to my domain site:, BUT the major issue is that the importer only uploaded SIX months worth of posts from tumblr (June 2012-now). How come the importer didn't upload the older content? I started my tumblr blog on New Year's 2012, so it's only six more months worth of data.

    How can I get the older content on my wordpress site? I want to make sure all of those posts get archived.


  13. @dllh I'd like to add my vote to @belowthewaste suggestion: only create image gallery if a tumblr post has more than one image.

  14. I'd LOVE to see an option, when importing images, to select if they're made into a gallery or placed in-line directly in the posts.

    I'm trying to use Blurb's BookSmart to make a book, and their wordpress importer doesn't handle galleries at all. So if the images were in-line everything would work great.

    Is it hard to add a check-box or something to the tumblr importer?

    With fingers crossed!

  15. Hey, how are you doing?

    Is there a way to place your tumblr photos as a slideshow using wordpress.COM widgets?

    Thanks in advance,

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