How do I include multiple links within one post?

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    I have been trying for days to write a post with links included in the text to a number of sites. I can add a link but then everything i write after it is part of that link. How do I add a link to some words, close that link and then continue to write, then add another link?
    Thanks for your help. You guys are fabulously helpful and i really appreciate it.



    Click on the link button a second time. That way you close off the link.




    Have tried this several times and it comes up with another link. I will tell you exactly what I am doing. I am pressing the link button and then typing in the link into the box. When that appears I have typed in the text i want to link to that and then I have been pressing the link button again to try and close it. what am i doing wrong?


    You might just have to hand-edit the closing tag into your posts if it’s not working for you otherwise….



    Dont press the link button again.

    When the link popup comes up, paste the link, and close the popup. THEN KEEP TYPING. When you press the link button again it thinks you want to include another link.



    “Dont press the link button again.”

    Err… no, that’s wrong. Here is an example, write the entire sentence including the text you want linked.

    Sentence and [place curser here and press the link Qtag, then enter the url and ok it] word to be [place curser here and press the link Qtag again] linked.

    In this case “word to be” would be linked with the url you selected.



    Thanks again guys! you are great



    I can’t get the links to work at all :( The link buttons are greyed out on my editor. So far, I’ve been switching over to the HTML screen to add the link but for some reason, that screen is coming up blank on the computer I’m on right now. Can anybody tell me why the link buttons are grey and why the HTML editor screen is blank on this computer? Thanks.



    Click ‘Link’, then click ‘/Link’. Then write what you want in between this ><.

    vivianpage, are you using the visual rich editor? But go to your dashboard and click ‘Users’. Then scroll down until you see:

    Personal Options

    Use the visual rich editor when writing

    Unclick that and maybe that might be it.



    Yes, I’m using the visual rich editor. Honestly, I know enough about HTML to be dangerous and I’d prefer to NOT use it. But with the visual rich editor on, the link buttons don’t work. They are greyed out. I can only enter the links in my posts by opening the HTML editor and entering the code manually. And, for whatever reason, the HTML source editor box is empty on this computer. I see that that window uses Java so I made sure I had the latest version of Java on my computer. Still nothing.


    If you highlight the word or words you want to make a link of, what happens with the buttons?



    Ah – that was it! I have to highlight the text first and then the buttons are active. Thanks!

    Any hints on the HTML source editor box?


    Nope. Can’t help with that one, and unlike others hereabouts I won’t pretend to knowledge I don’t have.

    Is there anything in the FAQs about it?



    I looked in the FAQ and used the search function for the forums but didn’t find anything :(


    Problem for me with this one is that I never use any of that sort of stuff whether it’s on a blog, a self-hosted one, or a plain making-it-up-from-nothing-at-all website. I use a real html editor (topstyle pro) and notepad2. So I have ZERO idea about stuff like that, and I’m bright enough to KNOW I know nothing about it.

    Try doing a regular google search for HTML source editor – see if that turns up anything. Truthfully I have no clue what it’s even supposed to do.

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