how do I increase my search engine optimisation?

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    Hi, I am trying to boost my SEO and subscribe to Crazy Domain Search Booster. Their assessment showed that there is no keyword meta tag or indexing meta tag to be found and suggest adding meta taga and keywords to the site. The problem is I can’t work out how to do that using my wordpress site. I tried d/loading the All-in-One SEO plugin but it is now my understanding that I cannot use plugins with my site – only org. If this is the case – how do I go about adding keywords and metatags to my site and anything else that will boost my SEO? I was so pleased when I finished my website (steep learning curve) but so frustrated when I realised that I don’t come up in any searches….:-(


    P.S. I did register for the webmaster tools on wordpress last year sometime

    The blog I need help with is



    You can’t add meta tags to a blog, and it’s generally not necessary for a blog, because of the built-in SEO advantages.

    You are making some basic SEO errors, though. I see your site opens on one static page. Static pages are insignificant when it comes to SEO: you should use posts instead, and your site should open on the main blog page. Also, you should blog frequently. A basically static site with four static pages is not going to attract search engines.

    You can also look through the forum, where there are over a thousand tips on increasing your readership.


    Oh okay thanks for the tips … The thing is I want a website rather than a blog. I realise that WordPress is a blogging platform but also thought it was good for making websites too. I don’t have anything to post about regularly .. I just want people to be able to find my business on the web when they search for say “turn tape to DVD Perth” or something like that. Are you aware of a way of doing that without making regular posts?



    I am a writer and I think it would be easy to find something to blog about often. I blog for an interior designer and when I started blogging for her once a week, her hits and facebook likes skyrocketed. Blog posts could include why turn tape to DVD, why use your service, recent success stories, recent horror stories of when people did not turn tape into DVD, why it is important to turn tape into DVD in Perth (heat? location?) and so forth. The blog post can be very short and I’ve found that offering help in the headline, “Three ways to enjoy tapes as DVDs,” “Five reasons to turn tape into DVDs,” and so forth every effective. If writing is not your forte, might find a freelance writer (like me) to write the blogs for you. It would be a good investment. Writers are like tape to DVD experts. They can help you do it right! :)



    Those are great suggestions. We’re not talking about daily blogging, but the #1 thing you can do for SEO is to make some posts. Even one a month will help. The more text there is on your site, the better Google loves it.


    Thank you so much for your blog suggestions Dianne. They are fantastic suggestions and have already given me a lot of ideas. I am actually a writer myself (well .. an aspiring one), but with three small children I am very time poor at the moment so was hoping that having a web presence would be enough. I can see now from yours an Rainmaker’s posts that that’s just not a realistic expectation.

    I will start posting every 2 – 4 weeks, using a lot of my keywords, and see how that goes. I will also make sure that the posts are connected to my facebook page so that I increase my presence there too.

    Thank you both for your help

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