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How do I increase traffic to my blog without involving my friends?

  1. I have started this blog recently but would like to stay anonymous as I don't want my friends and family to know my deepest thoughts. It is really a place where I let go of any barriers, sharing my thoughts with the public as an anonymous person, and I welcome anyone to comment and give me suggestions/feedback etc.

    Is there a way to increase traffic to my blog without involving my friends (ie through twitter/facebook etc)?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. We actually have the perfect guide for you!

    Though I usually strongly emphasize sharing your blog with your friends and family, there are other ways to draw in more traffic.

  3. I am going through the same thing. I finally decided on two blogs, one public and one emo. I call it emo but, as you said, just a place to share my deep thoughts.

    It's a lot of work but, really, the peace of mind is worth it.

    Good luck!

  4. Thanks so much for all the suggestions! :) Really appreciate it!

    Hopefully I will get a comment soon haha :P

  5. You're welcome!

  6. good luck with your blog!

  7. Many of us have family members and friends who are not the least bit interested in our blog content. Social networking tremendously expands the audience you can connect with. At the end of the day, if you do not use social media and social networks to promote your blog posts and blog, then you will find building a growing readership is more difficult as the audience you reach will be limited.

  8. You might be pleasantly surprised at how anonymous you can be with blogging because, as @tt has already suggested, many people do not give a damn. This in itself can be a point of liberation because in letting go and being yourself you will find those who do give a damn. And, if it makes you feel better, what is to lose? You might even gain some understanding within the circle of friends and family. Have fun and good luck!

  9. @pattikuche
    You cracked me up because that's so true. lol :D

  10. @Timethief
    I have to disagree with you here. I am not on any social networking and I have not really promoted myself in any way. Except maybe commenting on some forum threads. I only have three tags and one category. But I have only been here three days and I seem to have a more than expected number of followings.

    It all depends on what is posted I presume. Its all about writing to write, not writing to get attention. I think it helps when you have something to offer that isn't already out there.

  11. ps. my above post was not supposed to sound bitchy... reading back it does sound it too me so I apologise if I have offended!

  12. People have blogs or web sites for all kinds of reasons, some are designed only to share with friends and family many don't. My site is about boating safety because that is what I am interested in and teach. It gives me an easy way to pass information on to others and some of my students. Some people blog as an outlet for their observations or opinions, as many reasons as there are blogs.

    The secret is to do something that you want to do, you should have fun with your blog. Then don't really worry whether I either approve or like your blog.

    Good luck with your blog.

  13. @iammissindependant
    It takes just as much energy to take offense as it does to deliver it and your intention was not to do so. I'm not offended.

    I have been a blogger for 6 years and have been here for 5 of those years. You say you have have blogged here for 3 days. Welcome. :)

    Its all about writing to write, not writing to get attention.

    In fact the reason most people do blog is to get attention, if that wasn't the case they would have their blog visibility set to "private".

    IMO the majority of bloggers do want to create a blog that attracts an ever growing readership and lively discussion in a blog centered community. Most do belong to some social networks to increase the numbers the notices of their publishing a post reaches. They also want to attract enough backlinks to their posts so the blog does earn a good page rank. Consequently, they aim to create even better content every day. Good on them. :)

    I recognize there are many different kinds of bloggers and without doubt some are happy to stay behind the garden walls rather than social networking. For example there are bloggers who are posting now to the Showcase Forum, who are happy with the number of readers they have, and they don't care that their blog has a no page rank despite the fact a year has passed. The good news is they are welcome to do that. :)

    There's room for all at :) Every special snowflake can have a cool blog, choose whether or not to make it public or private, and/or choose to promote it or not promote it at all, and if they do choose to promote it they may choose to promote it solely within the community, or beyond it.

    Best wishes with your blog. :)

  14. @timethief
    I like the way you put things. Very nice. You are right in what you say and I wish all new people the best of luck with their blogs, no matter what their publicity intentions may be.
    And thank you also. I wish you the best too. (not that you need it, you seem well established and much more professional than me :D)

  15. You're welcome and happy blogging. :)

  16. Thank you all for your time to comment on my question - it has been really encouraging.

    I was so touched to get so much helpful advice, I decided to blog about it! So this blog is dedicated to you guys and also sharing the love to help others who many also be wondering how to get more traffic:

    I am new to blogging and really enjoying it now because I have found it to be a lovely community of people who share and care.

    @timetheif and @pattikuche - you are both so right that sometimes family and friends don't really care. I do feel really free to post about my deepest thoughts (which sometimes may be about my family and friends!) and hopefully find some people who share similar experiences.

    @auxclass - thanks for your advice on the secret to blogging. I am taking your advice to have fun with it and agree that I shouldn't worry whether people approve or like my blog. Actually, I do welcome criticism anytime, for example, with my blog "Is it him or is it me?" which is my blog which questions whether I am a good person :P

    All the best to all of you who blog :)

  17. If there aren't enough of them visiting, write a story about how there are too many of them visiting. That's what I did:

  18. One last note...when I first started blogging, I threw up new content as quickly as I could. That was my focus, keep it fresh, etc.

    Now I know it's about the quality. If readers are going to stick around, you gotta give them a reason to.

    Numbers don't seduce me, loyal readers do.

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  20. pseudopseudonymous

    I've been experiencing the same problem! I wanted to stay anonymous so I posted a smilar post on the Showcase forum. It's a really good place to let people know about your blog and definitely increasing my views and subscriptions!

  21. Effective posting into the Showcase Forum can be be the result of crafting a brief introduction with an interesting “hook” so readers want to click into your blog and read more. If that’s not your style, then craft a brief introduction that will allow potential readers to know what to expect when clicking in to view your blog.
    What do you blog about?
    What makes your blog different from all other blogs in the same niche?
    What benefits can do readers stand to gain from reading your blog?

  22. Remember, though, that unless you write brilliantly, there are not that many people in the world who are going to be interested in how you, a total stranger, feel.

    Recognizing this is actually quite freeing. If you want to be popular with strangers, post pictures of cats. The internet can't get enough cats.

    If you want to express yourself, divorce it from an expectation of popularity. Think about school; there were people there who always told everyone exactly how they felt about everything, whether or not they were asked. How popular were they? Not very.

  23. pseudopseudonymous

    @raincoaster -I'm still in school and I can tell you were one of those kids. Awkward...

  24. pseudopseudonymous

    @raincoaster -I'm still in school and I can tell you were one of those kids. Awkward...

  25. Not as awkward as double-posting, though.

  26. This is indeed a lot of useful information, ty all for helping us newbies out ;)

  27. What was it about search engine referrals? How does it work?

  28. The easiest thing that I am finding is you increase your traffic simply by networking with other bloggers. Read their blogs, comment, etc. You can make some great new friends along the way.

  29. On that note, I'm really quite surprised at the effect joining Empire Avenue has had on my blog readership. I can confirm via the Whosamungus widget that it doubles the number of people on my blog at any given moment. Of course, I did connect my blog with my profile there, and am in the category "Blogger".

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