How do I indent, tabulate and insert lines so that they stay?

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    I do not see the icons to indent, tabulate and keep lines from wrapping around in my posts. When publishing, that click deletes all my added spaces.



    If you click tab, it should indent for you. If not, just use spaces, and thats all you will need to do. “Lines from wrapping?” If I understand what you mean.

    Inserting lines or you mean spaces?
    Click on “More”

    This post may help you here for indentions.

    Try searching in the forums, if you haven’t done so.



    Quote, “If I understand what you mean.”
    I meant I dont underdstand what you mean.


    Thanks for the link. It helped a bit. I still can’t indent the way I want, but at least I can make paragraph breaks. That’ll do till I learn some more.



    browsers strip blanks, so if you want to indent you have following possibilities:
    1. in the visual editor: icon #6 (see: for numbering)
    2. In the code editor: hard code so-called non-breaking spaces:
    or use css formatting in paragraphs, like this:
    <p style="text-indent:2em;">My text...</p>
    3. Purchase the css upgrade and format all paragraphs in posts with the indentation.


    There is no actual “indent.” The indent looking button does blockquotes. Indent will be possible via a button on the editor when the next big upgrade happens here at .com.

    What you can do is to write your stuff and then hand code “padding” into your paragraphs that you wish to indent. You would code this at the beginning of each paragraph you want to indent:<p style="padding-left: 30px;">and then make sure and put </p> at the end of each paragraph. You can change the amount of indent by changing the 30px number. If you wanted to increase the indent for a subsequent paragraph, you again just insert the same thing and change the amount of indent, say to 60px.

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