How do I indent text?

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    i did a family tree on MS Word using indentations for different generations. When I cut and past it took the spacing out and it’s all left justified. When I try to manually space and save, it takes the spaces out. Any way to use tabs (in the traditional sense, not pages) in WordPress? I greatly appreciate the response!

    The blog I need help with is


    Are you wanting to indent blocks of text, or just the first line of a paragraph?



    Using MS Word as the basis of web page content is a recipe for endless headaches because all kinds of invisible junk gets carried over. Getting the formatting to work right can be difficult and is often temporary. If you have to begin with MS Word, you might try to get by with copying first to Notepad, then copying from there to WordPress.

    And you might try using the code &nbsp instead of a space (ampersand nbsp, for non-breaking space) but sometimes WordPress will still skip over them too unless you begin the line with a visible character, such as a period or asterisk.


    a) All kinds of invisible junk gets carried over when you paste into the Visual editor. No problem at all if you paste into the HTML editor.

    b) For indenting see here:



    You can also upload to Scribd and insert the document in a Post or Page. One advantage of Scribd is you can make a large PDF document and upload it then visitors can scroll around on the larger document.

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