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how do i indent the first lines of paragraphs?

  1. how do i indent the first lines of paragraphs? (I've seen that there are codes that can be entered between the <head> tags of a document, but I don't see such tags in the Text Editor). Is there a simple way?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks for this too, justpi. But I still have a problem with this solution: I do want 'the “traditional” book look (line break but no blank line)" & i've applied the code to each separate paragraph, but although this does indent the first line, it still leaves a blank line before it! Could you tell me what to do to avoid this?

  3. My solution works as described. If it didn't, then you made some mistake. But my code isn't found anywhere on your front page. If you tried it in a static page, link or point to that page so I can check what's wrong.

  4. Thanks for your willingness to check! The page is

    Two problems occur: 1. sometimes the unwanted line space remains.
    2. Pars that I want to appear with a line space before them & without an indent now get indented, sometimes without the line space! I've tried to resolve this by adding the <p> code in such places, but it doesn't work.

    I'll so appreciate your explaining what I should do to get this right.

  5. Thanks for your willingness to check! The page is

    Two problems occur: 1. sometimes the unwanted line-space remains;
    2. In places where I do want the extra line space & no indent, I find the first line gets indented &/or no extra line space. I've tried to resolve this by adding the <p> code, but it doesn't help.

    I'll so appreciate it if you can show me how to get this right!

  6. a) Code tags come in pairs - an opening tag that says start this here, and a corresponding closing tag that says end this here:

    <div style="text-indent:30px;">CONTENT</div>

    Your page is misbehaving because in some cases you added the opening tag but forgot to add the closing tag or added an opening tag again instead of a closing one.

    b) In your first reply you said you want the 'traditional' book look, so I assumed you meant you want it throughout. Now you're saying you want a mixture of the two styles. In that case you must use my other solution ("single line indents"). So:
    Delete all the code you have added. For regular paragraphs (blank line, no indentation) enter a paragraph break with no code at all. For old-style paragraphs (indentation, no blank line) enter a line break then enclose the first word in this code:
    <span style="margin-left:30px;">WORD</span>

  7. thanks, that sounds very clear.
    i'll try it out soon & will let you know how it goes.

  8. You're welcome. For more clarity, "delete all the code you have added" should have been "delete all the opening and closing div and p tags you can see in the Text editor".

  9. Thanks for all the clarity, too. Yes, it all works fine now!

  10. You're welcome, but again you made the mistake of adding opening instead of closing tags. Check my example again: all the span tags that come after the word must have a slash.

  11. Thanks again. I've put in the slashes. This has been a great lesson: you're a great teacher!

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