How do I index my site into Google?

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    I am brand new at doing all of this, and when I went to check if my site came up in google, it didn’t. I don’t know if I checked it wrong but I am really interested in getting started in this but haven’t been able to find info to make sure my site/blogs are searchable. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



    Do yourself a favor and remove the PayPerPost image from your post please. They’re not allowed here at

    It’s too early. You’ve only been here for 3 days. Usually takes at least 3 weeks at the least. Be sure to write as well as categorize your posts. It’s very important. You can learn more by searching teh forums here for ‘promote’, check out teh FAQ blog linked to at teh head of the forums and I wrote up a short article at

    Hope this helps,


    You need to give it time, 6weeks or so for it to start to show up. Also you only have one post, dosent give them much to index hehe

    Make your posts and wait. Even then dont expect to be at the top of the list over night :)

    Unless of course you buy a ranking.


    I take it back >.< out of curiosity i did a google search for my blog, and i came out right at the top. And i only used a 2 word search :)



    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an art form in it’s own right, which takes a lot of study, patience and work to be successful at. There is plenty of resources on it online, search on Google…….just don’t be all that surprised when you have 1,000’s of pages to read.



    A lot of it is shallow talk that really doesn’t teach you anything though.



    Seriously, it means nothing in the context of The tag pages are the single most powerful thing we’ve got, and there’s nothing whatsoever in traditional SEO that can match them.


    I’ve never really thought much about search engines to be honest. I have a signature on the forums i use which links to my blog, and i put a link in the links section of said forums. Beyond that ive never actively gone for search engines.

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