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How do I insert...

  1. How do I insert "previous" and "next" (link?) buttons into a page and into a post?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. With Twenty Eleven theme, when you have more than one post, there will automatically be next and previous links for other posts above the post titles.

    The next and previous links are based on the publication date, not the names of the posts. Because pages are not organized by date, as posts are, you will have to make links to other pages yourself.

    Posts and pages are very different:

    Making links:

  3. Thank you very much for your help! I'm going to try to figure this out. I'm definitely going to be looking for information on WHERE to put the links as well as what the links are supposed to "say". #CursedComputerIlliteracy

  4. Well, understanding the difference between posts and pages is important.

    As I said, the next and previous links will automatically show above the post titles. If you want them somewhere else, you can make them manually as explained in my second link: some themes are designed to show next and previous at the bottom of posts. IMO that makes more sense, but that is only In My Opinion. The other alternative is to pay for a CSS upgrade to move them, but if you are not experienced with computer coding that might not be the best plan for you right now:

    My second link, about adding links manually, I think that is easily do-able in the visual editor. And for your pages, that is what you must do.

    Best wishes. If you have more questions, post here again.

  5. I think you just answered my most pressing question: visual editor!

    Again, thank you!

    (I'm leaving the actual Posts alone and just concentrating on navigating Pages for now.)

  6. You are welcome then. Happy blogging!

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