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How do I insert a link into an image caption?

  1. I want to use images from other sites under the Creative Commoms licence and put the attribution in the caption with a link. However, no matter what I try I can't get a link into a caption.

    Please can you let me know how this is done.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The link does no belong in the cpation field. No matter how many times you place it there it will not be "live". I would use an image widget as you can easily link to it on the line that states "Link URL when image is clicked".

  3. Sorry, I don't understand. The image widget puts an image in the sidebar (I've already used it for the Post a Week image) but I want to credit any image I use in a post with the owner's name and a link to them.

    If I can't use the image caption for this do you have any suggestions for best practice when putting in attributions?

  4. The cpaition filed is NOT html activated and placing link there will not result in an ctive link. Yes you can link images to sources please see here >

  5. wait, do you want the link to be clickable via the picture? or you want to put "such and such" and the words link to the site?

  6. SIGH ... sorry I didn't proofread ... "The caption field is NOT html activated and placing link there will not result in an active link. "

  7. @appsterberry
    Please note that the information at the link I provided explains all three ways of linking images to sources. Thanks.

  8. @appsterberry
    Yes, I wanted to put something like 'Source: john doe at Dreamstime' or whatever under the image with 'john doe' and 'Dreamstime' linked to the relevant URLs.

    From the advice you've given, and from searching through other blogs, I think my only option is to either put 'john doe's' link in the Post URL in the image
    put the link in the main body of text like this - (Source) - and manipulate it so it appears under the image.

    This seems a clunky way of going about image attribution. I'm new to blogging and am only just getting my head around the Creative Commons stuff. Am I being too compliant with the requirements for image attribution? Is this something everyone generally ignores?

  9. WordPress.COM has just never set up captions to accept HTML. Not sure why as it does seem to be the best place for an image credit. You can link the image to the source, but sometimes that is not desirable.

  10. @thesacredpath
    Yes, HTML in captions would make it much easier.
    I only want to give the poor sod who took the image a name check!

  11. Yeah, it would be nice to be able to at least do a text link. They could filter everything else out if they wished to not allow things like color changes and other formatting.

  12. This is my number one pet peeve about blogging in wordpress. As you say, it's totally intuitive to put the photo credit in the caption.

  13. If you like you can request that this be added by contacting Staff.

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