How do I insert an mp3 into a post?

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    I’ve bought the space upgrade, and I uploaded an mp3 to my account. I also “attached” it to my post. But I do not see anything visible on the post (like an embedded media player) that would indicate there is an mp3 attachment to listen to.

    Does anyone know what I’m missing?


    The blog I need help with is



    Shortcodes can embed files or create objects that would normally require lots of complicated code. [audio] converts a link to an mp3 file into an audio player. See here please >



    Thanks, but I don’t think that answers my question. My scenario is item 2 on the page you provided. I have tried to follow those instructions, but when I upload something I do not see any of the fields or steps associated with uploading as they are described in those instructions.

    I have succeeded in uploading an mp3 to my account. Beyond that I am baffled as to how to embed it into my post.


    It does – but the Support doc isn’t very clear. Item 2 mixes two different ways of uploading: via Media > Add New, or via the Add Audio tool of the post editor. When you do the latter, you get the popup you can see in the doc. When you do the former, you need to copy the URL of the mp3 and insert it in a post as in item 1 of the doc.



    Thank you. I figured out how to do the former. I’m still working on figuring out how to do the latter. I don’t see the “Add Audio Tool.” Any way, this is a start. Thanks again.


    You’re welcome.

    Post/page editor: above the editing tools (bold, italics, etc. etc. ) are six Upload/Insert tools (Add an Image, Add Video, Add Audio, Add Media, Add Poll, Add a custom form).



    Of course now I see the media icons to add … and in them Audio. Thank you!

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