how do I insert paragraph breaks?

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    I have read all of the advice and tried many of the suggestions, but it’s taking me forever to just insert paragraph breaks. the div on/div off doesn’t work. The br on/br off doesn’t work. The div lines ARE working but I have to hunt for them every single time.

    Why does it have to be so complicated? Why can’t a simple CR/Enter key strike do the trick in the so-called WYSIWYG view?

    I came over here from Blogspot because everyone said it was easy. Well, this bit is so much more complicated it’s driving me mad and taking forever just to get my blog to look nice.

    Thanks for any further help or advice in advance. I just want one easy key that does it, rather than having to fish around for codes. It’s supposed to be simple and user friendly, but right now I feel as though I need a degree in computer programming, just to insert a paragraph.

    The blog I need help with is


    To insert a paragraph break you don’t need code or anything: in the Visual editor, you press Enter. Just make sure the Format tool (2nd row, 1st button) is set to Paragraph.


    Thanks for replying. :-)

    I’ve been doing that too, and once I’ve published or updated, the formating has gone and it’s all mis-spaced again.

    In the usual posts I’m ok, hitting return gives me a new par, but I would like to hit return twice, if you don’t mind, rather than once. But on the pages, where there are list-things, the return just isn’t working.

    I’ve tried in Chrome and IE and I’ve had problems with both.


    Open that post in the editor and in the visual editor window, select everything in the post and then from the format pulldown at the left end of row two, select “paragraph.”

    Also at settings > writing make sure you have “wordpress should automatically correct invalid nested XHTML…” and save.



    you could put in “<p> information</p>” tags


    If by “list-things” you mean a page such as , what you’ve been doing is incorrect.
    a) You’ve used this:
    <div style="height:1.4em;visibility:hidden;">ANY CHARACTER HERE</div>
    Apparently taken from a post of mine. When I write “any character here”, I mean put a character there (a cross or something), not the whole phrase.
    b) You’ve used it eight times in a row. If adding all that space was the right way to place the text, you would use the code once, with a different number, for example
    <div style="height:11em;visibility:hidden;">-</div>
    <div style="height:120px;visibility:hidden;">-</div>
    c) But that’s not the right way to arrange the text. Right way is:

    <br style="clear:both;" />
    <br style="clear:both;" />


    Thank you, thesacredpath. I’ll give that a try.


    And thanks to you too, lookaheadweb. I’ll try that as well.


    panaghiotisadam, thanks again. I knew I’d done it wrong but with old age comes less patience and I’d already spent far too many hours trying to sort it out. so once it looked about how I wanted it to, I gave up and switched off – before chucking the laptop through the window.

    As I say, it’s all so … complicated. Why does it have to be so complicated? I don’t know why they still cite coding when other blogs are happy with a Return.

    I’ll have another play, see if I can sort it.

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