How do I install a second languag?

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    My new blog ACD SERVICE must be published in two languages, in English and in German. How do I install the second language? Please, answer in simple normal language, as I do not reallyunderstand computer expressions. I belong to these old fashioned people, born in 1938. Thanks in advance, Doris

    The blog I need help with is


    You can’t have two languages on one blog. What you will have to do is to create another blog on your account to use for the other language, and then put links in the navigation, or into the sidebar for visitors to get back and forth between them.



    Thankyou very much! I already thought, I have to install a second account, but after that I was lost. Now I try your advice.



    Made it – gosh I’m proud. In Germany we say: “sometimes a blind chicken will find a corn”. Thanks again, Doris


    Doris, you are welcome, and we have a similar saying here, “even a blind pig will find an acorn once in a while.”

    Happy blogging.

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