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    ok so not long ago I bought a domain with wordpress and I was watching how to install one of those themes u can download from internet for wordpress, because I would like something more different from what wordpress offers in their page of themes, they are good but I wanted something else. Persons that have bought the domain from hostgator or godaddy and then link it with wordpress, have apparently more options when they go to the wordpress dashboard, then in themes they have two options in the upper part, manage themes and install theme, I don’t have that option of install theme I just have manage themes, nor I have the option to change my URL form settings/general/ wordpress address URL. Because I would like to change from “” to “”. So I decided for the moment to stick with the Oxygen theme, until someone HELP me please.

    The blog I need help with is



    You cannot download and install themes on free hosted blogs, only the themes listed on the page are available. The themes you can download are for self hosted WordPress.ORG blogs.

    What you have is a free hosted blog, so unless you decide to set up your own hosting, you’ll have to stick with what is offered.



    Oh ok, so all I have to do is to buy a host and then link it to wordpress? How can I do that, I would like to install upload another theme.

    Thank you for your response.


    Will changing themes erase all current/previous pics etc?


    @veroneira, you have to have your own domain name, you have to hire a web host and then you have to install and configure the wordpress software from wordpress.ORG. Then you have to export your content from here and import it into that new self-hosted installation on your web host. Your site will then NOT be connected to wordpress.COM in any way.

    In general, all things considered, figure an average monthly cost of about $10 to $25.

    You are also then responsible for all installations, all upgrades, all backups and all troubleshooting. If something goes wrong, you have to figure it out and fix it.



    @veroneira No it doesn’t work like that. You buy a host then you self host your blog. has all the answers.

    @aesthetic2012 No. And please don’t post in other peoples support threads with a question that’s unrelated, please create a new thread in future.



    As sacredpath said and if you want to do all of that just for the purpose of having a theme that’s not available at, I wouldn’t think it’s worth the money or hassle.

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