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How do I join a specific listing eg; Politics?

  1. I could not find a help section or a search query so can someone tell me ...
    How do I join a specific listing eg; Politics?

  2. We don't categorize entire blogs here (no blog circles, etc) but you can tag each post with words that are relevant to it, such as Politics or whatever you like. Do this in the Write Post or Edit Post page, and on the right you'll see a line of blue boxes. The one marked Categories is what you want. Type whatever word you want to use as a tag into the box there and click Add. Add as many as you like, within reason of course. To get them to display in your sidebar, use the Tags/Categories widget. Then you'll automatically be on the tag pages of for those tags.

  3. Thanks.....I'm new to all I'll try what you said.

  4. Good, it is pretty smooth to use. Once you've used a category once, it's in your permanent list and you can just click the tickbox next time to use that category.

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