How do I keep a post at the top of the list?

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    ive come across this before if i recall correctly but i just cant seem to find it. i wrote a post earlier today and im trying to keep it at the top of the page as if it were the newest post. i want to keep adding more to the site, but i dont want this one to sink just yet. where can i find this option or am i mistaken?


    wordpress formating does not allow for it. “Best” way is to delete and repost, but that pretty much sux. However, you could add a page and title it something like “My Favorite Posts” then put a link to that post within it, then maybe do that with other favorite posts as well. I have “Highlighting the way to my best posts” as a page so it is always on the header of the blog. you can see it by clicking on my name here to check it out.



    great thanks for the info!



    That is not correct information.

    You simply have to change the date/timestamp on the post. Over in the right-hand side of the Edit page is a tiny calendar icon with Edit beside it. Click on that and change the timestamp to whatever you want.

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