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How do I keep a post off the front page?

  1. I want to start posting a certain type of post, but I want it to only show up in the category, not with the other posts. How would I do this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's not possible. When we publish posts they simultaneously appear on the dynamic page for posts as well as in the Categories, Tags and Archives pages. Y

  3. Hallo
    Wie kann ich einen Artikel direkt einer Kategorie zuordnen ohne dass ich diesen auf der Startseite sehe?

  4. @schwarzs Das ist nicht moeglich. Artikeln sind immer gleichzeitig auf der Startseite fuer Posts sowie in Kategorien und anderen Sammlungen.

    Forum auf deutsch:

  5. @mmadfan: I didn't know you spoke German. :-) Ich auch (ein bisschen).

  6. You can always backdate the post so it's really old. Then it won't show on the front page. But it also might not show on the front page of the Category page either, depending how recently you've used the tag.

  7. @airodyssey: I lived there a few years. Studied. Drank wine. Studied. Drank bier. Fell in love. Drank wine. Studied some more. ;P LOL! You know -- but it was good! :)

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