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How do I keep a post on top?

  1. Is there some way to keep one post always on top? Do I have to have a certain blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. [1] Go to the All Posts page.
    [2] Click the "Quick Edit" link for the post
    [3] Check the "Make this post sticky" box
    [4] Click Update button.

    This post will appear at the top of your blog home page (if it is not a static page).

  3. How do I make only one post at the front page...What should I do?

  4. Hi, what I did once was to copy a post and make it a 'page' then make it a static front page.. all the tags etc would still be relevant, because of the post.. to stop 'doubling up tho, you could always make the post private, so only the 'copied page' would be visible..

  5. One post always on top well... I have done what phoxis suggests, but that becomes tricky with a theme like mine ( requires many sticky posts to customise ) so I 'wing it' or re post a post.. which I've just done actually... lol cause my most recent one (on Aurora's ) was no where whilst scrolling down the first page.. so copied and redid post and problem solved.. I can always delete the other (older) post

  6. Thank you..for your help...

  7. You're welcome, I hope it helped! :)

  8. You can also change Date/Time when u posted it just changing this ur post will be on top until more recent post than urs(top post) given date comes up

  9. Thanks it very helpful...appreciated that..

    Thanks again,

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