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How do I keep current blog theme live while fine tuning new design

  1. californiapixie

    I am redesigning my blog. I want to work out all the design issues and get it the way I want it before it goes live. Be able to sit with it for a while. This will be over a few days or even weeks. I will be switching themes (free theme) and working with a CSS expert. How do I do this while keeping my current blog theme up and running for my viewers?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. My suggestion would be to create a test blog here and then you can mark it as private and even export your content and import it into the test site so that you are working with your own data and media. You can then try out new themes and such and work on the design without disrupting your existing site. If you are working on CSS changes on the new theme, you can use the "Try" before you buy feature to get the CSS right and then copy and paste it into your main site CSS when ready.

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