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how do I keep my real email spam free here?

  1. I don't mind wordpress having it, but is it visible to the world from here? Thanks!

  2. Nope, only place it would come up is if made a comment on someone else's blog. if they have the setting on where they get a copy of the comment emailed to them, your email address is copied to them in that email.

  3. ok!

    I was using blogger before...this is so fab! I don't believe it, for fast and easy!
    If I want to set up a place to get email would I do that at my service provider?
    and name myself editor@OpEdifice and then I could put that on my blog but get mail through my provider.

    I know this sounds so dumb but I DO NOT want spam --- ever again!

    my blog is going to be a humanities based op-ed type newspaper blog where I will encourage op-eds

  4. In all honesty, if you that dead set against spam, I'd suggest getting off the net. There is no 100% cure to spam and, even with the best method to prevent getting it, there's still the chance of something being caught that shouldn't or whatever system you're using missing something and it winding up in your inbox.

  5. I second Dr Mike. I use Gmail and they've got an awesome spam filtering system.

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