How do I keep the formatting I've set up?

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    I changed formatting of some text in the lower part of my Portfolio page as well as inserted several line breaks using ‘ ‘. When I refreshed the page, wordpress had changed the formatting of text above what I’d been working on AND deleted all my line breaks! When I looked at the text version of the page, all the   that I had inserted had been deleted!

    What gives????

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there – the Visual Editor eliminates some empty tags, so if you’re attempting to use line breaks to add white space, that isn’t a reliable method – it would better to use some CSS instead. If you let me know exactly what you’re trying to do in terms of formatting and spacing I’d be very glad to help with specifics.


    I’m working on my Portfolio page.
    I’d like to have each of the images of websites line up left justified (with just a couple line breaks in between) but have the quotations/testimonials to the right of each one.



    In order to do what you’d like, I put each image/quote pair in a <div> tag and added some bits of CSS code to each div to get the formatting closer to what you wanted.

    I also removed the h4 heading from each quote since heading tags are something called “block” level tags that can’t be wrapped around other elements like images. If you want them to be bigger, you can manually change their size in the Text window, like this:


    <span style="color:#333399;">

    After (adjust depending on the size you want):

    <span style="color:#333399; font-size: 14px;">

    Just let us know if you need more help.


    Thanks so much. I’ll give this a try.
    Where do you recommend I go to get some intro to CSS and to improve my wordpress skills?
    I find the wordpress support very ‘random access’ and I sure would like building blocks and all….



    Here are some resources that might be helpful:
    – basic guide for WordPress beginners
    – guide to basic CSS customization using the CSS upgrade, but some techniques can still be used with “inline” CSS as I showed you above, even without the upgrade

    More resources:

    Good luck!


    I do need more help! On my Services page, I’d like the intro sentence, the bullet points that follow, plus a couple sentences lower on the page to display BLACK. I’ve changed it in Visual mode and also verified it in Text mode (<span style=”color: #000000;”).

    But they still display as pale blue.




    Here’s what I see now:

    <h3>• New website copy writing and organization</h3>
    <h3><span style="color:#000000;">• Website makeovers: rewrite, edit and reorganize</span></h3>
    <h3><span style="color:#000000;">• e-Newsletters, e-Articles and Press Releases</span></h3>
    <h3><span style="color:#000000;">• Blog editing and ghost-writing</span></h3>
    <h3><span style="color:#000000;">• Branding and business identity</span></h3>
    <h3><span style="color:#000000;">• Guidance to help you choose the best web designer for your needs and budget</span>

    The first item is missing the span tag with your colour.

    That said, if you use a bullet list – which is intended for HTML lists – instead of h3 tags – which are intended for headings – then the code will be better, and it should come out black without having to add all those spans.

    <li>New website copy writing and organization</li>
    <li>Website makeovers: rewrite, edit and reorganize</li>
    <li>e-Newsletters, e-Articles and Press Releases</li>
    <li>Blog editing and ghost-writing</li>
    <li>Branding and business identity</li>
    <li>Guidance to help you choose the best web designer for your needs and budget</li>

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