How do I know if I have any followers?

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    Is there somewhere on my dashboard or in my stats that tells me how many/who my followers are? I know there is at least one person who has added me to their feed-reader….but I can’t find any notification of that. Maybe there are more!! :) Thanks for any help…

    The blog I need help with is



    Can we get a link to your blog, starting with http? We generally need to see the blog to answer questions like that.



    The constant numbers backed up in your stats will give clues
    to how popular your blog is be won’t show how many followers you have.



    I’m not looking for a gadget or anything to show me who followers are….. just a stat perhaps telling me how many people have signed up for my RSS feed.


    If you sign up for the Google Webmaster Tools, among the statistics they provide is the number of RSS subscribers, but it’s not very informative. It only includes those subscribing through Google programs (not Yahoo, etc.) and the subscribers aren’t identified. But it’s something outside of WordPress. I don’t know of a way to install any of that information in a widget.

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