How do I know if my blog appears on search engines?

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    My blog is new, and I have barely any viewers. So I was wondering if my blog is on search engines.

    If not, how else can people find my blog? I made a Facebook page but there is still no success.

    The blog I am having issues with is

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there,
    For verification see >
    It takes time and the frequent publication of fresh content in posts (not pages) that cannot be found elsewhere on the internet to get search engine attention.
    For 10 factors that expedite indexing see >


    Do you know approximately how long or popular my blog has to get until it goes on search engines? I was part of a large WordPress blog before and my posts would go to google right away as some top results.


    We cannot help with search engine indexing issues and it can take weeks for your posts to appear in the SERPs (search engine page results). The subject matter you blog on is covered by mainstream media and by many high traffic blogs some of which are even VIP hosted sports blogs.


    Thank you, I guess time will tell


    Yes it will. Thanks in advance for entering the top of this thread and marking it “resolved”.

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