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How do I know my added user has logged in to my blog?

  1. I've recently added a role - editor to have access to my blog and edit my written articles.

    Is there anyway I can know if they have logged in and how many times they have done so?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't see the log in and visits for a public blog

    You can subascribe to have changes emailed to you when an edit is done.

    Dashboard >> Settings >> Email Post Changes

  3. Hi,

    I went into the Dashboard >> Settings>> but there's no Email Post Changes.

    There's only Subscriptions Delivery and nothing about Email Post Changes.

    Could it because my chosen theme doesn't have that function?

  4. The Dashboard Settings section has several sub-sections. I believe the one you're looking for is Writing.

  5. Unfortunately, it doesn't have anything like you mentioned.

    To be very clear, here are the things found in the sub section:

    Default Email Delivery
    Default Jabber Instant Messenger Delivery
    Email Delivery Format
    Email Delivery Window
    Block Emails

    Please advise.

  6. Your description is a bit confusing to me - however

    If you are an Admin on a blog - see the link below


  7. There's no email_post changes on the link that you mentioned.

    At this page, I only have site title, tagline, timezone, date format,time format.....


  8. Dashboard >> Settings >> General >> email post changes

    the title is in the opening for General settings - you need to click on "email post changes"

  9. Under Dashbaoard, there's no Settings to be found.

    You have been answering my posts offering me various suggestions by guessings I think.

  10. You have been answering my posts offering me various suggestions by guessings I think.

    I will let the insult pass - the links are from my own blog here, I changed the URL by inserting the blog name in place of my URL (you don't want email's from my blog and you don't have the ability to log in)

    I don't guess on answers - if I don't know an answer I will pass

    This should be your main Dashboard

    From there you need to drill down a bit

    If you can't see "Settings" then you are probably logged in lower than an Editor. (Author or Contributor)

    See also:

  11. If you don't want the suggestions here, Google is open to you. Not helpful, but open.

  12. Auxclass,

    I know you have been helpful.

    But, your latest answer is wrong again.

    I still can't find the setting no matter how I drilled down or do whatever....


  13. Raincoaster,

    The suggestions are all if you want to accept it...pls go ahead.

  14. The Email Post Changes option is in Settings->Email Post Changes here:

    What do you see when you click that link?

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