How do I know my subscribers have been moved to my new selfhosted site?

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    I would like to have my subscribers moved from to my new self-hosted site I checked on the forum and saw Jetpack was recommended, which I have installed and its connected, how long do I have to wait before my subscribers are moved over? Do I have to do anything else?

    The blog I need help with is



    The subscribers aren’t moved automatically, we move them on request, which I have just done for you.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!



    thanks for your reply.
    I waited a few days before checking my new self-hosted site (, to see if the subscribers/followers had been moved. However, I have just looked on my blog page and the subscribers/followers do not appear, the only ones that appear are those that recently signed up in the past 2 weeks.

    Can you please advise, I am concerned that I have now ‘lost’ the followers it took me a year to gain.
    Any assistance much appreciated!
    Tanya Moulding
    (my previous site was



    All 9 Reader followers and 3 email followers were transferred.

    You can see the list from the bottom-left corner of!/my-stats/

    Make sure that you choose the correct blog from the drop-down menu at the top-right.



    This is a little confusing as I had about 277 ‘followers’ to my blog (gathered over the past year), but these have not ‘transferred’ over to the blog on my new site
    The 13 followers are only recent additions, occuring the past month during the transition to new site.
    Is there any way of ensuring the historic followers (277) can be transferred?? Thanks so much for any advice!

    I only ask as I also need the followers transferred from to my other self-hosted site, i only have approx 46 followers here but would like to keep them! Again, Ive installed the jetpack plugin.



    Of the 277 followers, 160 were via Publicize connected to Twitter and 48 were via Publicize connected to Facebook, basically they were your Twitter followers and Facebook friends added to the total since you had Publicize connected.

    Besides those, you only had 9 Reader followers and 3 email followers.

    If you setup Publicize on the new blog, they’ll still be “following” you.



    That makes sense, duh, Im pretty new at all this. My confusion occurred because the number counter on the blog sidebar shows the total number of followers (inc the Publicize), on my ‘new’ self hosted blog, the number counter doesnt show this.
    Would you be able to transfer followers for my other site (as detailed above). Thank u so much for your prompt assistance, very much appreciated while i get the hang of this!



    For that, I’ll need to receive the request from the account which owns

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