How do I Layout my Blog and Set Up Menu?

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    Please help, I desperately need some advice as I have been having trouble understanding how to proceed.
    I am hoping to set up a blog (as a web site) with a static front page and more, as follows:
    1) I think I need multiple pages or multiple categories, where each can be named by “topic”. I am having problems understanding how to correctly use Pages or Categories!
    2) Under each topic (Page/Category) I intend including posts on the said topic. I am wanting to enable the public to both comment on posts or be able to add a new post under that topic. Is this possible? Do I use Pages or Categories?
    3) What is the easiest way to set up a Menu for the above design blog?
    4) Which “Theme” would be best suited?
    I have already started a Blog and have many drafts already prepared. I am hoping to get some pretty “basic” help because I am quite new to the internet workings I am also having a hard time even understanding the support section “start Up” etc.


    You need to work your way through this:

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