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How do I leave a blog?

  1. How do I leave a blog? The documentation at seems to be outdated, I don't see any "Leave blog" links in the list of blogs.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Then please try clearing your browser cache and cookies and if that doesn't work try using another browser.

  3. timethief: using another browser makes no difference, the design of the page doesn't look anything like the screenshots, so I think it changed, or I'm accessing a different page (!/my-blogs/).


  4. I also want to leave a blog! It was beter the disign before! I alredy read it in the section og HELP but I did not find "Leave Blog", I also tried with another browser and clearing my cache and cookies, Help me please.

  5. You are on the wrong page. That is the my blogs off the main page. Go to your dashboard and near the top of the left navigation, click on "my blogs" and there you will find the link to leave a blog when you hover over the blog URL (second column).

  6. Thanks, that worked.

  7. You are welcome.

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