How do I leave comments on other WordPress blogds I follow?

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    Today, I left comments on a number of other WordPress blogs I follow but , when I clicked on the ‘Post Comment’ box, my comments failed to appear. This problem has only occurred in the past few days. I was logged into my WordPress account at the time and the comment box appeared with my WordPress details shown as normal.

    The blog I need help with is



    I am having a similar problem, started a few days ago, and is intermittent. Today I cannot post a comment to any blog. I have cleared my internet temporary file, closed down IE 10 and restarted my laptop, still not able to post a comment to other blogs. I am logged in to WordPress.



    What are the URLs of the posts you left comments on that did not appear please? Did you see a “your comment is in moderation” message?

    I’ll tag this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.



    I tried to leave a comment on this blog

    and this one

    same thing happened on this blog yesterday, though eventually I was able to post.

    When I make a comment, the screen refreshes and instead of going back to the comment box, it reloads the beginning of the post. There is no awaiting moderation message.




    Hi timethief
    I still can’t comment, so I tried logging out of WP and logging back in again. Now when I try to comment on any blog it seems I get this error message, hope it helps!

    The website cannot display the page

    HTTP 500

    Most likely causes:
    •The website is under maintenance.
    •The website has a programming error.

    What you can try:
    Refresh the page.
    Go back to the previous page.
    More information More information




    Hi there,

    You will both need to go to this address:

    And type in a brief description of what is going on. A form will appear. Fill out that form and include links to the pages which you’ve not been able to comment on like you did below. The folks at Akismet should be able to help you out!



    Thanks amightywp for your help. I have filled in the form, but there was no indication after I submitted it that it had been sent. Is this normal?

    I have tracked down similar posts about this issue which suggests that my comments are going into the spam folder. Why would this happen on blogs I regularly post comments on? It is all very strange, not to mention frustrating!



    Hey there,

    The contact form does not actually use the spam filters itself, so there shouldn’t be any issues with it submitting. As to what can cause your posts to end up in the filters, it could be any number of things, much like an email client where your messages end up in a spam folder accidentally!



    I am still unable to make comments. Does anyone know how long it take to sort out this issue? I have sent in a form to Akismet, but not had any response from them either.

    I have noticed several other similar queries about this recently and this one
    had a very quick fix!



    The folks who work in the Akismet queue work tickets from oldest to newest, and sometimes it can take a while. I can only recommend patience.



    OK, I shall try and be patient :)
    Thank you for responding.



    We’re temporarily experiencing an issue with our Akismet contact form. Between now and Monday, if you are running into an issue with your comments being sent to spam, you can contact Akismet directly at

    If we have further updates, we will post them here:

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